NSF BRIGE Grantee Meeting

Professor Tonya Stone attends the 2nd Annual Meeting of NSF BRIGE Grantees at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, VA

SHPE National Conference

Katerine SalemeRuiz, a member of the of the student chapter of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, attended the SHPE National Conference in Cincinnati, OH on October 27th through October 31, 2010.

Cameron Hardin- Study Abroad

Cameron Hardin travels to Italy, Verona, Rome, and Pisa and spends three weeks studying architecture and engineering as part of the Engineering Study Abroad program at MSU.


Welcome to Dr. Tonya W. Stone’s Materials Research Group in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Mississippi State University. Our group is interested in quantifying the structure-property relationships of materials across multiple length scales, with specific interest in nanomechanical behavior. Our goals are to quantify processing parameters and the ensuing structural, mechanical and thermal properties in materials, to develop physically-based constitutive relations that accurately describe the responses of materials, and to develop predictive models for simulating the performance of materials under various loading conditions. Our research is primarily focused on nanoscale material behavior and multiscale structure-property relations of various material systems, such nanoparticles, powder metals, biomaterials, and polymers. The Materials Research Group performs basic research but can also serve the needs of practicing engineers. Applications of nanomaterials span all fields of engineering, including batteries, fuel cells, catalysts, sensors, medical applications, water purification, military battle suits, coatings, cosmetics, thin films, nanorobots, etc.

Research Highlights

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